Sentence Examples

  • Catulus was the last princeps senates of republican times; he held the office of censor also, but soon resigned, being unable to agree with his colleague Licinius Crassus.
  • 3, 1501) the senates of both countries agreed that, in future, the king of Poland should always be grand-duke of Lithuania; but this was the sole benefit which the Republic derived from the reign of Alexander, under whom the Polish government has been well described as a rudderless ship in a stormy sea, with nothing but the grace of God between it and destruction.
  • It sits in four criminal and six civil senates, each consisting of seven judges, one of whom is the president.
  • The Senates act as courts for the trial of state officers impeached by the house (in imitation of the British House of Lords and the Federal Senate), and have in some states Powers and the function of confirming or refusing appointments Funcons made by the governor.
  • The term is also applied in the inscriptions of Veii to the municipal senates and Cures, which numbered ioo members.