Sentence Examples

  • At the Seattle Holistic Center, yoga practitioners expand beyond the physical, "using the complete science of yoga, from postures and breath awareness, to self-study and meditation to help regain balance and inner peace."
  • In the US, Securitas trains officers with a unique blend of classroom, hands-on training, on the job placement shadowing, a mentoring program, focused self-study and e-learning using the Securitas e-learning platform.
  • A self-study product consisting of 50 essential questions designed to help parents get clear on the best last name for baby is now available as an instant download on my site at Name Counsel.
  • Available programs are conducive to flexible schedules and independent learners, and they provide valuable learning and professional opportunities that self-study just can't afford.
  • The Naval U.S. Postgraduate School and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security offer four self-study courses that students can complete online.