Sentence Examples

  • If the market is primed for a quick sale and you have the funds available, this could be a distinct reason why you commit to purchasing a commercial property like a self-storage warehouse.
  • If you already have self-storage facilities and require more room for tenants or for your business's own stock, this would be a perfect reason to expand your company's reach and profits.
  • If you don't want to rent and you'd like extra space in which to store commercial or personal goods, here are some tips on buying a self-storage warehouse for your particular needs.
  • It seems elementary, but it must be said: you need at least a 20% deposit for your self-storage warehouse, and that can be quite a lot of money to put down at one time.
  • It can be really challenging owning a self-storage warehouse, with laws, payment collections, and city ordinances often coming into play.