Sentence Examples

  • Psychiatrists generally believe that this is a maladaptive form of self-help or self-preservation and is done to achieve release from almost unbearable psychic tension and to give the individual a feeling of control.
  • For the British of Madras, under the instinct of self-preservation, were compelled to maintain the cause of another candidate to the throne of Arcot in opposition to the nominee of Dupleix.
  • The soul being one and simple, its separate acts of self-preservation or primary presentations must be simple too, and its several presentations must become united together.
  • Hobbes had said " the natural state of man is non-moral, unregulated; moral rules are means to the end of peace, which is a means to the end of self-preservation."
  • He looked on the actions of the individual organism and of society as determined by the needs of self-preservation.