Sentence Examples

  • Behavior is based on self-interest and motivated by who can help children get what they want or who is hindering that process.
  • Dr. Zemel, the head researcher of this particular clinical trial, has been criticized for the outcome connecting reduction in body weight with dairy products because the questionable corporate self-interest of the Dairy Council.
  • But the same texts which draw the line between the two classes make it clear that there were no other guarantees to the maintenance of the rights of the superior rustics than the moral sense and the self-interest of their masters.
  • Seward, Salmon P. Chase, and Abraham Lincoln, that slavery was to be overthrown under the constitution and in the Union, by forbidding its growth and trusting to an awakened conscience, enforced by an enlightened self-interest.
  • On the whole, his moral attitude is cynical, and he is inclined to regard self-interest as the best criterion.