Sentence Examples

  • Education in the form of psychotherapy or self-help groups is crucial for training bipolar patients and their caregivers to recognize signs of mania and depression and to take an active part in their treatment program.
  • Psychiatrists generally believe that this is a maladaptive form of self-help or self-preservation and is done to achieve release from almost unbearable psychic tension and to give the individual a feeling of control.
  • If this option is not available where you live, you may want to contact the clerk's office to determine which forms you will need and ask if there are local self-help legal clinics to provide assistance.
  • Self-help clinics: If you want to attempt a do it yourself divorce, some state and local bar associations offer self-help clinics where you can get help with forms or answers to basic legal questions.
  • Mutual Self-Help Housing Program allows the homeowner to build up "sweat equity" by assisting in the building of other people's homes and their own, in exchange for paying less for his or her home.