Sentence Examples

  • Thankfully, despite their popularity, there is plenty of room for self-expression within the realm of Egyptian tattoos because there are so many symbols linked to the rich history of early Egypt, including hieroglyphics.
  • While adult men and women may feel somewhat limited when it comes to haircuts that fit their lifestyle, hair type, face shape, and the norms of society, haircuts for teens are usually a trendy, fun, and unique means of self-expression.
  • These reasons are deeply intimate for the most part and as unique as the people who seek out body modification, but a few examples include self-expression, endurance, transformation, memorials for loved ones and simple aesthetics.
  • However, the critics of ABA believe that the techniques can sometimes produce trained robotic responses and encourages a child to suppress true emotions and self-expression, which can ultimately be harmful.
  • Self-expression is no longer limited to t-shirts or permanent body modification, and in this age of expressive technology, Wild Eyes contacts are an easy and fun way to stand out from the crowd.