Sentence Examples

  • In the order of human knowledge the particular facts of experience come first and are the basis of generalized laws or causes (the Scholastic notiora nobis); but in the order of nature the latter rank first as the self-existent, fundamental truths of existence (notiora naturae).
  • "Faith" knows God in His active relation to the "kingdom," but not at all as "self-existent."
  • After explaining that he will use the term "external world" in the sense of absolute, self-existent, independent matter, he attempts in the first part to prove that the visible world is not external, by showing - first, that the seeming externality of a visible object is no proof of real externality, and second, that a visible object, as such, is not external.
  • In order to establish his sixth proposition, Clarke contends that time and space, eternity and immensity, are not substances, but attributes - the attributes of a self-existent being.
  • " Hail to thee, Ra, the self-existent.