Sentence Examples

  • An interesting thing about coconuts is that, as seeds, they are so self-contained that they can float for long periods of time across the water, eventually washing up on foreign shores and taking root there.
  • There are really only a few parts that tend to need replacing from time to time on the Osterizer blender and since the motor is self-contained within its housing, the company doesn't offer replacement parts for it.
  • A self-contained 'city', aircraft carriers aren't the speediest things afloat, but can transport a fleet of fighters to whatever part of the world they might be required.
  • These are self-contained temperature controlled coolers that effectively control temperatures as well but will only hold anywhere from 20 bottles to a couple of hundred.
  • The George Foreman product line is recognized by many as the industry standard in affordable self-contained electric grills and rotisserie ovens designed for home use.