Sentence Examples

  • Dissensions began from the first, and were peculiarly acute between Shelburne and Fox, the two secretaries of state.
  • He was also associated with Antonio Perez as one of the secretaries who acted as the agents of the king in all dealings with the various governing boards which formed the Spanish administration.
  • The heads of all these departments had the rank of secretaries of state and met in council under the royal presidency.
  • He was even chosen to be one of the secretaries of Mahomet.
  • Among them were Fra Raimondo, who became master-general of the Dominicans, William Flete, an ascetically-minded Englishman from Cambridge, Stefano Maconi, who joined the Carthusians and ultimately became prior-general, and the two secretaries, Neri di Landoccio and Francesco Malavolti.