Sentence Examples

  • The secretariat is under the charge of a government secretary who ranks next in precedence to the governor.
  • Of his Institutiones grammaticae contain a subscription to the effect that the work was copied (526, 527) by Flavius Theodorus, a clerk in the imperial secretariat.
  • Here are situated Queen's House, the governor's residence; the secretariat or government offices, and other government buildings, such as the fine general post office and the customs house.
  • An electoral assembly is formed for the purpose consisting 1 of the twelve members of the Holy Synod, the eight lay members of the National Mixed Council, twentyeight representatives of as many dioceses (the remaining dioceses having only the right to nominate a candidate by letter), ten representatives of the parishes of Constantinople, ten representatives of all persons who possess political rank, ten representatives of the Christian trades of Constantinople, the two representatives of the secretariat.