Sentence Examples

  • A seance is a session where a group of people, called sitters, come together in an attempt to contact and communicate with deceased humans who are believed to be spirits and exist in a dimension outside of our physical time-space reality.
  • Many people report sightings of spirits or unusual and unexplained occurrences in the house particularly centered around Sarah Winchester's bedroom, the Hall of Fires and the Seance Room.
  • When asked about the inn's latest guest paranormal activity, Staub said, "Our re-creation of a Victorian seance was one way civilians dealt with the great loss of loved ones."
  • Whether a Ouija board seance is harmless entertainment, real communication with the spirit world or a dangerous and taboo activity depends on what you believe it to be.
  • Interestingly enough, Conan Doyle himself "appeared" in photographs taken after his death and he was "contacted" on at least one occasion during a seance.