Sentence Examples

  • There is usually very little actual fish or other seafood included in the recipe because that would boost the production costs, something most pet food manufacturers avoid because it cuts into their profits.
  • Eat Cleaner, the product name for a food wash that is all natural, odorless and designed for cleaning produce, poultry and seafood also helps prolong the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables without tainting their flavor.
  • Because contrast material may contain iodine, sensitivity to contrast material may occur if the child has other allergies to iodine or seafood, and CT staff should be informed if the child has such allergies.
  • Where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez, delicious seafood and Mexican cuisine is celebrated in a festive environment that inspires vibrant revelry amid an unprecedented menu and incomparable scenery.
  • Trattoria Volare - Located on Columbus Avenue in the shadow of Washington Square Park, this popular cafe serves hearty pastas, raviolis, and lasagna, homemade desserts, fresh seafood, and grilled meats -- all at reasonable prices.