Sentence Examples

  • Of course, feel free to dress up the dishes a bit; for example, opt for an "elegant" macaroni and cheese dish, an especially decadent soup dressed up with sour cream and chives or platters of miniature quiche.
  • Selections include an appetizer (typically soup or salad), the entrée (choices range from grilled tuna to Quiche Lorraine), and then the dessert (Crème Brule, ice cream, or fresh fruit).
  • Of Totonicapam, was formerly the capital of the Quiche kings, but has now a Ladino population.
  • In Mexico itself the languages of the Nahua nations, of which the Aztec is the best-known dialect, show no connexion of origin with the language of the Otomi tribes, nor either of these with the languages of the regions of the ruined cities of Central America, the Quiche of Guatemala and the Maya of Yucatan.
  • Among the most curious documents of early America is the Popol-Vuh or national book of the Quiche kingdom of Guatemala, a compilation of traditions written down by native scribes, found and translated by Father Ximenez about 1700, and published by Scherzer (Vienna, 1857) and Brasseur de Bourbourg (Paris, 1861).