Sentence Examples

  • His last political achievement was in July 1795, when he was present with Hoche at the destruction of the army of the emigres at Quiberon, and ordered the executions which followed.
  • De Closmadeux, Quiberon (1795), Emigres et Chouans, commissions militaires, interrogations et jugements (Paris, 1898), the only authority on the celebrated affair of Quiberon; E.
  • He was in North America in 1755, on the coast of France in 1756, was detached on a cruise to reduce the French settlements on the west coast of Africa in 1758, and his ship the "Torbay" (74) was the first to get into action in the battle of Quiberon in 1759.
  • In the same year the naval victories of Lagos and Quiberon Bay established the supremacy of the British at sea.
  • Hoche crushed the insurrection of the Chouans and the Bretons at Quiberon on the 2nd of July 1795, and Pichegru, scared, refused to entangle himself any further.