Sentence Examples

  • Doyles books on the American colonies; for military history, Fortescues History of the British Army, Napiers anti Omans works on the Peninsular War, and Kinglakes Invasion of the Crimea; and for naval history, Corbetts Drake and the Tudor Navy, Successors of Drake, English in the Medilerranean and Seven Years War, and Mahans Influence of SeaPower on History and Influence of Sea-Power upon the French Revolution and Empire.
  • The upshot proved the diplomatic value of Nicholas's apparent sincerity of purpose and charm of manner; the " Iron Duke" was to the " Iron Tsar" as soft iron to steel; Great Britain, without efficient guarantees for the future, stood committed to the policy which ended in the destruction of the Ottoman sea-power at Navarino and the march of the Russians on Constantinople.
  • As the result of the war with the Mogul empire, which lasted from 1686 to 1690, the company perceived that a land war was beyond their strength, but their sea-power could obtain them terms by blockading the customs ports and threatening the pilgrim route to Mecca.
  • Schoene), which places the 45 years of the sea-power of Phoenicia at a date which, with much probability, may be conjectured to lie between 709, when Cyprus submitted to Sargon, and 664, when Egypt threw off the rule of, Assyria.
  • The first step in the direction was the recovery of their sea-power, which was effected by the victory of Conon at Cnidus (August 394 B.C.).