Sentence Examples

  • Under the " new regime " the Turkish government displayed commendable energy in reconstructing and reorganizing the seapower of the empire.
  • It became, indeed, increasingly difficult to obtain the support of the inland towns for a policy of seapower in the Baltic. Cologne sent no representatives to the regular Hanseatic assemblies until 1383, and during the 15th century its independence was frequently manifested.
  • The victory of the Venetians off Chios (May 2, 1657) was a severe blow to the Turkish seapower, which Kuprili set himself energetically to repair.
  • Doyles books on the American colonies; for military history, Fortescues History of the British Army, Napiers anti Omans works on the Peninsular War, and Kinglakes Invasion of the Crimea; and for naval history, Corbetts Drake and the Tudor Navy, Successors of Drake, English in the Medilerranean and Seven Years War, and Mahans Influence of SeaPower on History and Influence of Sea-Power upon the French Revolution and Empire.

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