Sentence Examples

  • Other band credits include WOW Christmas 2005, video game Dance Praise tracks, a 2006 episode on NBC's Scrubs included "All Of The Words" from the band's Sea of Faces release, and Kutless videos were featured on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball.
  • However, if your place of employment has a flexible policy regarding wearing scrubs with prints and designs then there are many great options for holiday scrubs that you will enjoy wearing and your patients will enjoy seeing.
  • Most scrub sets, especially the cheaper ones, are designed for unisex wear, but occasionally variations are offered that are particular to one gender or the other - such as the cargo pocket skirt offered by RMF scrubs.
  • Due to the reports of sizing discrepancies, it is probably a good idea to go to a physical store and try on the scrubs before buying online - if there is a particular style you want that's not available near you.
  • Unlike most clothes that you buy online, scrubs are meant to fit loosely and so there is not as much of a chance that you will order something that is not going to fit or be comfortable - unless it is too small.