Sentence Examples

  • From the moment people first set foot in a schoolroom, they are trained to think and reason in a linear way.
  • The use of English in the schoolroom is required by law; New Mexico has adopted a uniform system of text - books.
  • Political geography has been too often looked on from both sides as a mere summary of guide-book knowledge, useful in the schoolroom, a poor relation of physical geography that it was rarely necessary to recognize.
  • The "outer school," to the north of the convent area, contains a large schoolroom divided across the middle by a screen or partition, and surrounded by fourteen little rooms, termed the dwellings of the scholars.
  • The Great Schoolroom king of the East Saxons, having taken part in the foundation of St Paul's Cathedral, restored or refounded the church at Thorney "to the honour of God and St Peter, on the west side of the City of London" (Stow).