Sentence Examples

  • Amidst these schisms the defence of Italy collapsed.
  • There had already been other schisms on such questions as the right way to swing a censer and the legality of self-immolation for the Lord's sake.
  • He was interested in the theological disputes and schisms in Galatia, in the two languages spoken in Cilicia, &c. At Antioch the party remained some time.
  • Internally, Catholicism in the United States has been free from any noteworthy schisms or heresies that might impede its development - its doctrinal history offers nothing of importance.
  • There had been mutual excommunications before, but they had not resulted in permanent schisms. Now, however, the separation was final, and the ostensible cause of its finality was the introduction by the Latins of two words Filioque into the creed.'