Sentence Examples

  • Too much or too little of certain elements creates an imbalance or disharmony.
  • Sha chi will create a whirlwind of disharmony and discord.Another thing to consider when placing your bed underneath a window is if you sleep with your head close to the window, your personal chi energy will be drawn out through the window.
  • Balancing all of the aspects of your life using bagua directions and implementing feng shui cures to correct areas of imbalance and disharmony results in the positive flow of the vital energy of chi and a happier, healthier you.
  • The energies are dependent upon each other within this defined order; if the order is disrupted or becomes unbalanced, the harmony transfers to disharmony.
  • Overhead beams - These can create disharmony in your marriage as well as disease since they symbolically slice through the body.