Sentence Examples

  • He invented various cakes and sauces, and is said to have written on cookery.
  • In 1905 Allegheny ranked first among the cities of the United States in the manufacture of pickles, preserves and sauces, the product ($6,216,778) being 20.9% of that for the whole country.
  • The primary object is to render the leaves soft and pliant; the use of the sauces is to improve the flavour and burning qualities of the leaves used.
  • He should avoid fat and rich food, butter, pastry and sauces, and should drink no beer or wine - unless it be some very light French wine or Moselle.
  • The manufacturer having prepared his mixture of leaves, proceeds to damp them, pure water alone being used in the United Kingdom, whereas on the Continent and in America certain S mo ki ng sauces are employed, which consist of mixtures of mixtures.