Sentence Examples

  • In the films, Spider-Man encounters a cast of enemies including the Green Goblin (who happens to be Harry's billionaire father), Venom, the Sandman, the new Green Goblin (best friend Harry himself), Doctor Ock and more.
  • At this point, My Morning Jacket released two retrospective music collections chronically their early years - Early Recordings Chapter One: The Sandman Cometh and Early Recordings Chapter Two: Learning.
  • Also returning to battle are such favorites as Bald Bull, Don Flamenco, Glass Joe, Great Tiger, Sandman, Soda Popinski, and Piston Hondo (previously known as Piston Honda).
  • Check out a few of the offerings the site has by the band like Enter Sandman, St. Anger and Master of Puppets.
  • The Sandman teams up with the Venom to try and spell the end of Spider-Man.