Sentence Examples

  • The second treatise is addressed to J ohn the deacon (" Ad Joannem Diaconum "), and its subject is " Utrum Pater et Filius et Spiritus Sanctus de divinitate substantialiter praedicentur."
  • It was an act of adoration or thanksgiving, much longer in Eastern than in Western rituals, but in both classes of rituals beginning with the form" Lift up your hearts,"and ending with the Ter Sanctus or Trisagion.
  • Sanctus, " holy"), the term originally applied, e.g.
  • For a long time, too, sanctus was an official title, particularly reserved for bishops (v.
  • Sanctus, or Tersanctus, or Triumphal Hymn, " Holy, Holy, Holy," &c., ending with the Benedictus, Blessed is he that cometh," &c.