Sentence Examples

  • In spite of their desperate sallies, Jerusalem was surrounded by a wall, and its people, whose numbers were increased by those who had come up for the passover, were hemmed in to starve.
  • For over a year he stayed in the Holy Land, making little sallies from Acre, and negotiating 2 Of the four Latin principalities of the East, Edessa was the first to fall, being extinguished between 1144 and 1150.
  • His handsome looks and smart sallies attracted the attention of Francois Lefort, Peter's first favourite, who took him into his service and finally transferred him to the tsar.
  • Robespierre, who was himself on the brink of the volcano, remembered the venomous sallies in the Journal de Paris.
  • In these sallies, however, Mr Balfour had no direct share.