Sentence Examples

  • The Saitica, which took its name from the city of Sais, and was probably of 8 digiti or 58 in., was of a common description.
  • SAIS (Egyptian Sai), an ancient city of the Egyptian Delta, lying westward of the Thermuthiac or Sebennytic branch of the Nile.
  • At the time when invasions by the Assyrians drove out the Ethiopian Taracus again and again, the chief of the twenty princes to whom Esarhaddon and Assur-bani-pal successively entrusted the government was Niku, king of Sais and Memphis.
  • Although the main seat of government was at Memphis, Sais remained the royal residence throughout this flourishing dynasty.
  • Neith, the goddess of Sais, was identified with Athena, and Osiris was worshipped there in a great festival.