Sentence Examples

  • The service to England soon became a weekly one, while there are at least three weekly sailings to the United States.
  • London and other English ports, French, Italian and Levant coast towns are also served by passenger steamboat sailings from the two great North Sea ports.
  • Harlingen has become the most considerable seaport of Friesland since the construction of the large outer harbour in 1870-1877, and in addition to railway and steamship connexion with Bremen, Amsterdam, and the southern provinces there are regular sailings to Hull and London.
  • Apart from coasting trade there are constant sailings to the leading European ports, the United States and the British colonies.
  • Belfast is connected by daily sailings with Glasgow, Ardrossan, Liverpool, Feetwood, Barrow and Heysham Harbour, Dublin with Holyhead and Liverpool, Greenore (Co.

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