Sentence Examples

  • These may be looked The six upon as being all derived by various modifications or elementa ry arrangements of the single form-unit, the slope or inclined land forms. plane surface.
  • F, Foot; op, operculum; mn, anal papilla; ry, dry, two portions of unabsorbed nutritive yolk on either side of the intestine.
  • Ry °Alessi Mata j `M Kadt K cui 0.
  • - Protorhynchidae, Rhynchonellidae, Cent Ronellidae, Terebratulidae, Stringocephalidae, Megalanteridae, Terebratellidae, At Ry Pidae, Spiriferidae, Athyridae]].
  • But against this explanation of the heading ry;p' 2 there is an almost insuperable objection; for, since both the first and second books contain psalms with this heading, it is clear that the " Chief Musician's - or Director's - Psalter " must have been in existence before either of these books; in which case, apart from the difficulty of the antiquity which we should be compelled to assign to this earliest Psalter, it is impossible to understand on what principle the first book of Psalms was formed.