Sentence Examples

  • Simpson's two formulae also apply if u is of the form px 3 - }- 5x 2 + rx -}- s.
  • If (f,4) 1 be not a perfect square, and rx, s x be its linear factors, it is possible to express f and 4, in the canonical forms Xi(rx)2+X2(sx)2, 111(rx)2+1.2 (sx) 2 respectively.
  • If 4) =, the Y2 =1 normal form of a:, can be shown to be given by (rs) 4 .a x 4 = (ar) 4s: 6 (ar) 2 (as) 2rxsy -I- (as) 4rx; 4) is any one of the conjugate quadratic factors of t, so that, in determining rx, sx from J z+k 1 f =o, k 1 is any root of the resolvent.
  • If the liquid is stirred up by the rotation R of a cylindrical body, d4lds = normal velocity reversed dy = - Rx- Ry ds (5) ds 4' + 2 R (x2 + y2) = Y, (6) a constant over the boundary; and 4,' is the current-function of the relative motion past the cylinder, but now V 2 4,'+2R =o, (7) throughout the liquid.
  • An angular velocity R, which gives components - Ry, Ix of velocity to a body, can be resolved into two shearing velocities, -R parallel to Ox, and R parallel to Oy; and then ik is resolved into 4'1+1'2, such that 4/ 1 -R-Rx 2 and 1//2+IRy2 is constant over the boundary.