Sentence Examples

  • Cindy, sleeping with Russ isn't the worst thing that has happened to you.
  • Reiches (1881); Voyeikov, The Climates of the Globe (Russ., 1884), containing the best general information about the climate of Russia.
  • Of detailed military histories the principal are the semi-official series of narratives and monographs produced by the Austrian military journal " Streffleur " (Einzelschriften fiber den russ.-japanischen Krieg); the volumes of lectures delivered at the Russian Staff College after the war, French translation (Conferences sur la guerre russo-japonaise faites it l'Academie Nicolas); British official History of the RussoJapanese War (1907-); German official Russisch japanischer Krieg (1906 -; English translation by K.
  • Byelov, Russian History Previous to the Reforms of Peter the Great (Russ.), (Petersburg, 1895); E.
  • (Russ.), (Nyezhin, 1899).