Sentence Examples

  • The final rupture seems to have arisen on the question of the declaration of "the armed neutrality of the North;" but we know that Potemkin and the English ambassador, James Harris (afterwards 1st earl of Malmesbury), were both working against him some time before that.
  • GRIGORY ALEKSANDROVICH, PRINCE POTEMKIN (1739-1791), Russian statesman, was born at Chizheva near Smolensk.
  • Raised Potemkin to the rank of a prince of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • A whole mass of facts testify to the enormous and extraordinary influence of Potemkin during the next ten years.
  • But the army was ill-equipped and unprepared; and Potemkin in an hysterical fit of depression gave everything up for lost, and would have resigned but for the steady encouragement of the empress.