Sentence Examples

  • The idea of MacCullagh's aether, and its property of purely rotational elasticity which had been expounded objectively by W.
  • The surface circulation of the Pacific is, on the whole, less active than that of the Atlantic. The centres of the rotational movement are marked by " Sargasso Seas " in the north and south basins, but they are of small extent compared with the Sargasso Sea of the North Atlantic. From the known peculiarities of the distribution of temperature, it is probable that definite circulation of water is in the Pacific confined to levels very near the surface, except in the region of the Kuro Siwo, and possibly also in parts of the Peruvian Current.
  • Researches into rotational movement were facilitated by S.
  • 89) has shown the existence of a rotational effect in twisted glass and gelatine, the rotation being opposite to the direction of the twist.
  • This shaft, which carries a set of " wipers " connected to the incoming circuit, is susceptible of a vertical and a rotational movement, so that the wipers may be brought, first opposite any particular horizontal series of contacts, and then into actual contact with any particular set in the series.