Sentence Examples

  • 2 Including waterless tracts naturally belonging to the river-basin.
  • To the east, in the Bang Pakong river-basin and down the eastern shore of the gulf, are Pachim, a divisional headquarters; Petriou; Bang Plasoi, a fishing centre, with Rayong, Chantabun (q.v.) and Krat, producing gems and pepper.
  • Boats could be conveyed over flat and easy portages from one river-basin to another, and these portages were subsequently transformed with a relatively small amount of labour into navigable canals, and even at the present day the canals have more importance for the traffic of the country than have most of the railways.
  • English m.) The largest river-basin included in it is that of the Neva in the east, and next in size come the Vistula and the Oder in the south.