Sentence Examples

  • It is noteworthy, also, for the large number of species having arboreal habits, the density and extent of the Amazon forests favouring their development rather than the development of those of terrestrial habits.
  • South of the Amazon valley and filling a great part of the eastern projection of the continent, is another arid, semi-barren plateau, lying within the southeast trade winds belt, and extending from Piauhy southward to southern Bahia.
  • It is taken with the harpoon and its oil is one of the commercial products of the Amazon valley.
  • Perhaps the most interesting mammal of Brazil is the manati, or sea-cow (Manatus americanus), which inhabits the lower Amazon and sometimes reaches a length of 15 to 20 ft.
  • Prominent among the storks is the great black-headed white crane, called the jaburd (Mycteria americana), which is found along the Amazon and down the coast and grows to a height of 42 ft.