Sentence Examples

  • In the older rituals we find a rite of exhomologesis, for restoring those who had sinned after baptism.
  • I have studied the subject most extensively, and have had opportunities of judging which no European can have, and I have no hesitation in saying that, ' the mystic songs' of Jayadeva and the ' ocean of love ' notwithstanding, there is nothing in the rituals of Jagannatha which can be called licentious."
  • 1 The tithe offered to Yahweh may have originally been consumed - in whole or in representative part - on the altar, but in the rituals preserved to us the offering is symbolical, the deity ceding his tithe to the priest, so that from quite early times the tithe helped to support the priesthood who like the poor had a customary share (guest-right) in the feasts.
  • Of Western rituals indicate the importance which was attached to this part of the liturgy by the fact of its being written in a much more ornate way than the other parts, e.g.
  • The controversial introduction is later than the Crusades; but the rituals, as far as Regarding Paulician beliefs we have little except hostile evidence, which needs sifting.