Protocol Definition

prōtə-kôl, -kōl, -kŏl
protocoled, protocoling, protocolled, protocolling, protocols
A diplomatic agreement, esp. one that amends, clarifies, or adds to a treaty.
Webster's New World
A code of correct conduct.
Safety protocols; academic protocol.
American Heritage
The code of ceremonial forms and courtesies, of precedence, etc. accepted as proper and correct in official dealings, as between heads of state or diplomatic officials.
Webster's New World
An original draft or record of a document, negotiation, etc.
Webster's New World
The first copy of a treaty or other such document before its ratification.
American Heritage
To issue in a protocol.
Webster's New World
To draw up a protocol.
Webster's New World

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Origin of Protocol

  • French protocole from Old French prothocolle draft of a document from Medieval Latin prōtocollum from Late Greek prōtokollon table of contents, first sheet Greek prōto- proto- Greek kollēma sheets of a papyrus glued together (from kollān to glue together) (from kolla glue)

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Middle French protocolle, protocole (“document, record"), and its source, Late Latin protocollum (“the first sheet of a volume (on which contents and errata were written)"), from Byzantine Greek πρωτόκολλον (“first sheet glued onto a manuscript"), from πρῶτος (prōtos, “first") + κόλλα (kolla, “glue").

    From Wiktionary

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