Sentence Examples

  • Her skin was caramel, her long brown hair falling in fat ringlets around her elfin features.
  • On festal occasions he decks his wellforked-out and dyed hair with feathers and flowers, and sticks others in his ear-lobe holes and under his armlets; while a warrior will have ovula shells and various bones of his victims dangling from ringlets of his hair, or fixed to his armbands or girdle.
  • I was a very happy little child with rosy cheeks, and large blue eyes, and the most beautiful golden ringlets you can imagine.
  • The hair was generally worn long by men as well as women, and ringlets were greatly admired.
  • Cecilia Gallerani used to be identified as a lady with ringlets and a lute, depicted in a portrait at Milan, now rightly assigned to Bartolommeo Veneto.