Sentence Examples

  • Once it was determined a real ring was needed for the movie, Eclipse, Meyer worked with Portland-based jewelry designer Rick Thurber and prop designer Grant Swain to create the movie prop ring.
  • Producers of General Hospital have used misdirection by sending out false spoilers, particularly when needing to recast a popular character (Carly Corinthos) or bringing back a popular veteran (Rick Springfield, Finola Hughes, Emma Samms).
  • Their third album was their first to be produced by Rick Rubin, the legendary producer who has worked with such iconic artists as Top Petty, Slayer, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Johnny Cash.
  • He often can be found debating sales with Rick and The Old Man, and is often criticized for not knowing as much about the pawn business as he should, considering he started working there when he was nine.
  • In addition to the accounts of President Barack Obama, Rick Sanchez and Britney Spears, the members of Digital Gangster hacked into the Twitter accounts of Fox News, CBS News and Digg founder Kevin Rose.