Sentence Examples

  • This year's top ten dog breeds list once again includes four large breeds all known for their intelligence, versatility and ability to be a loving family companion: the Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever and Boxer.
  • Yes, 2006 marked the "Year of the Yorkie," as the tiny Yorkshire Terrier overtook the Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Dog in registration statistics to become the second most popular dog in the nation.
  • Many Goldendoodles have wavy fur that is a cross between the Poodle and Golden Retriever fur, but some dogs inherit dense, curly Poodle fur or the Golden Retriever's straighter, water-repellent coat.
  • People everywhere go back and forth between feeling stunned and amused when they watch the amazing video footage of Rookie the Golden Retriever and his human, Carolyn, trip the light fantastic.
  • Again, you're probably rolling your eyes at the memory of some eager-but-unskilled kisser who was something of a cross between the monster from Alien and a labrador retriever.