Sentence Examples

  • While prison tattoos are normally the only option for body art within cell walls, many recipients of prison tattoos find their designs need professional touching up and redesign if and when they are released back into society.
  • Rather than try and redesign the uniform, Reebok's designers took the classic elements of the baseball uniform and simply added a few subtle improvements garnered from their years of experience with other athletic uniforms.
  • By 1998, Mattel finally purchased the licensing of Polly Pocket items and went on to redesign and create a totally new series of the dolls and their many accessories, making them a sought-after collectible among young girls.
  • For instance, if you are doing a complete room redesign, they may be responsible for buying new furniture, fabric for pillows, new curtains and curtain rods - everything down to the smallest accessory.
  • You've got the budget covered and room (or a whole house) just crying out for a redesign, but you just can't settle on a single idea to get the whole project moving in the right direction.