Sentence Examples

  • There, after six days' disputing with Alcuin, he again recanted his heresy.
  • Beryllus, however, was convinced of the wrongness of this view by Origen, and recanted at the synod which had been called together in 244 to discuss it.
  • In 1341 the dispute came before a synod held at Constantinople and presided over by the emperor Andronicus; the assembly, influenced by the veneration in which the writings of the pseudoDionysius were held in the Eastern Church, overawed Barlaam, who recanted and returned to Calabria, afterwards becoming bishop of Hierace in the Latin communion.
  • On the 29th of July 1693 he was condemned in the vice-chancellor's court for certain libels against the late earl of Clarendon, fined, banished from the university until he recanted, and the offending pages burnt.
  • This fact led Parsons and other Catholic historians to state that she actually recanted, but she refused to sign Bonner's form without qualification.