Sentence Examples

  • In March 1897 he recapitulated the hideous history in an open letter to the duke of Westminster.
  • The edict of Nantes recapitulated and codified the provisions of a series of earlier edicts of toleration, which had come with each truce during the previous generation.
  • 34, and in the constitution of its digestive, vascular, respiratory (branchial), excretory, skeletal, nervous and muscular systems it exhibits what appears to be a primordial condition of vertebrate organization, a condition which is, in fact, partly recapitulated in the course of the embryonic stages of craniate vertebrates.
  • However, the fortunes of the Talmud in a hostile world now become part of the history of the Jews, and the many interesting vicissitudes cannot be recapitulated here.
  • In 1636 he completed his Dialoghi delle nuove science, in which he recapitulated the results of his early experiments and mature meditations on the principles of mechanics.