Really Definition

rēə-lē, rēlē
In reality; in fact; actually.
Webster's New World
To a great degree; very much.
I would really like to meet your sister.
American Heritage
Truly or genuinely.
A really hot day.
Webster's New World
Without a doubt; indeed.
Really, I don't want more dessert.
American Heritage
(modal) Actually; in fact; in reality.
"He really is a true friend." / "Really? What makes you so sure?"
Webster's New World
Used to express surprise, skepticism, displeasure, or interest.
“I've been reading her diary.” “Really?”
American Heritage

(colloquial, sarcastic, typically exaggerated question.) Indicating that what was just said was obvious and unnecessary; contrived incredulity.

A: I've just been reading Shakespeare - he's one of the best authors like, ever!
B: Really.
(colloquial, chiefly US) Indicating affirmation, agreement.
A: That girl talks about herself way too much.
B: Really. She's a nightmare.

Indicating displeasure at another person's behaviour or statement.

Well, really! How rude.
  • indeed? honestly? for a fact? yes? is that so? what? are you sure? no fooling? no kidding? cross your heart and hope to die? on your honor? you don't say? the deuce you say! blow me down! ain't it the truth? you said it! do tell?

To bring together again; to ally anew.

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Origin of Really

  • real +"Ž -ly

    From Wiktionary

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