Sentence Examples

  • This should quickly get her back on track as you reaffirm the lessons you originally taught her.
  • Its values are centered on the Seven Principles, which seek to introduce and reaffirm those practices that seek to strengthen the family, the community, and the African culture as a whole.
  • The rededication asks each member to reaffirm her commitment to the Scout Promise and principles.
  • In 1797 he withdrew from parliament, and only came forward in 1798 to reaffirm the doctrine of the sovereignty of the people at a great Whig dinner.
  • The resolutions on questions of marriage and divorce (37-43) reaffirm the traditional attitude of the Church; it is, however, interesting to note that the resolution (40) deprecating the remarriage in church of the innocent party to a divorce was carried only by eighty-seven votes to eighty-four.