Sentence Examples

  • On the question of reunion, the ideal of corporate unity was reaffirmed (58).
  • This reaffirmed the seven sacraments, transubstantiation and the invocation of saints, and declared the pope head of the Church, but adopted Luther's doctrine of justification by faith in a conditional way, as well as the marriage of priests, and considerably modified the theory and practice of the Mass.
  • The Truce of God was reaffirmed by many councils, such as that held at Reims by Calixtus II.
  • The Lutheran divines who came to England in 1538 with a project for a theological union were rebuffed; the parliament elected in 1539 was Catholic, and only the reforming bishops in the House of Lords offered any resistance to the Six Articles which reaffirmed the chief points in Catholic doctrine and practice.
  • A third synod, September 256, unanimously reaffirmed the position of the other two.