Rapeseed-oil meaning

A thick brownish-yellow oil expressed from rapeseed, used chiefly for lubricating and in the manufacture of soap and india-rubber.

The number of seconds taken by the oil to flow up to the 50 c.c. mark on the flask is noted, and the results brought into comparison with the viscosity of rape oil, that being the oil with which the apparatus is standardised.--Vivian Byam Lewes Oil Fuel (1913) vi. 177

Rape-Oil is sweet, and on the contrary the Linseed bitter.--Pierre Pomet A Compleat History of Druggs (1712) I. 10

Rape oyle that is used in Lampes and therefore called Lampe Oyle.--John Parkinson, Theatrum botanicum: the theater of plants, or an herball of a large extent (1640) 861