Sentence Examples

  • After this comes the creation of the four men and their wives who are the ancestors of the Quiches, and the tradition records the migrations of the nation to Tulan, otherwise called the Seven Caves, and thence across the sea, whose waters were divided for their passage.
  • Legend tells stories of his teaching men picture-writing and the calendar, and also the artistic work of the silversmith, for which Cholula was long famed; but at last he departed, some say towards the unknown land of Tlapallan, but others to Coatzacoalcos on the Atlantic coast on the confines of Central America, where native tradition still keeps up the divine names of Gucumatz among the Quiches and Cukulcan among the Mayas, these names have the same meaning as Quetzalcoati.
  • The breakfast menu features a traditional American breakfast including eggs, hash browns, bacon or sausage, creme brulee French toast, cured smoked salmon, quiches, omelets and eggs Benedict.
  • Breakfast choices include pizzas, quiches and breads. 725 E.
  • Formerly known as DaVinci's Bakery (and the sign on the door may still say DaVinci's), the cozy cafe has developed delicious, gluten-free alternatives for breads, baked goods, pizza, lasagna and savory quiches.