Sentence Examples

  • "You paid me back by quashing your boss's attempt to frame me," Dean answered.
  • The latter was with difficulty dissuaded from quashing the election.
  • Consequently, at the diet of Nuremberg (1532) a recess was drafted indefinitely extending the religious truce and quashing such cases in the Reichskammergericht as involved Protestant ' In 1527 the pope's capital was sacked by Charles's army.
  • The " princes," supported by certain " elders " and by " the people " (quick to change their leaders), succeeded in quashing the accusation and setting the prophet free.
  • In 1858, when the Supreme Court, after the vote of Kansas against the Lecompton constitution, had decided that Kansas was a " slave " territory, thus quashing Douglas's theory of " popular sovereignty," he engaged in Illinois in a close and very exciting contest for the senatorship with Abraham Lincoln, the Republican candidate, whom he met in a series of debates (at Ottawa, Freeport, Jonesboro, Charleston, Galesburg, Quincy and Alton), in one of which, that at Freeport, Douglas was led to declare that any territory, by " unfriendly 1 Her death in 1853 was a great blow to him and embittered him.