Sentence Examples

  • During this period Quakerism was sketched from the outside by two very different men.
  • The father of Quakerism in Ireland was William Edmondson; his preaching began in 1653-1654.
  • Even Quakerism he could scarcely endure.
  • The history of Quakerism in England may be divided into three periods: - (1) from the first preaching of George Fox in 1647 to the Toleration Act 1689; (2) from 1689 to the evangelical movement in 18 35; (3) from 1835 to the present time.
  • Although many " General " and other meetings were held in different Period of parts of the country for the purpose of setting P Y P P g forth Quakerism, the notion that the whole Christian church would be absorbed in it, and that the Quakers were, in fact, the church, gave place to the conception that they were " a peculiar people " to whom, more than to others, had been given an understanding of the will of God.