Sentence Examples

  • His personal intervention also alleviated the condition of the Quakers, much persecuted at this time.
  • General Wayne's victory was followed by an extensive immigration of New Englanders, of Germans, Scotch-Irish and Quakers from Pennsylvania, and of settlers from Virginia and Kentucky, many of whom came to escape the evils of slavery.
  • Robert Barclay (q.v.), a descendant of an ancient Scottish family, who had received a liberal education, principally in Paris, at the Scots College, of which his uncle was rector, joined the Quakers about 1666, and William Penn (q.v.) came to them about two years later.
  • The History of the Quakers in Ireland (from 1653 to 1752), by Wight and Rutty, may be consulted.
  • In July 1656 two women Quakers, Mary Fisher and Ann Austin, arrived at Boston.